Topspyapp is an exemplary, completely undetectable application that takes mobile spying to the whole new level. It provides you with the opportunity for mobile spying on your kids, employees, or you can use it for any other purposes you can only imagine. With Topspyapp you can check:

Click on hereto review all available and upcoming features. In order to get all these awesome things – first of all you must install the Topspyapp spy phone software on the device you are willing to track. Physical access to the target phone is only required for the installation purpose. As soon as the device has been added to your Profile – data on your control panel starts to update immediately.

Note:To avoid any misunderstandings in the future, please check if the desired phone is compatible with our application by clicking on here. Also, the device we are trying to get data from must have Internet access

Why choose us?

Do I need to have a physical access to the target device in order to install the app?

Yes, the physical access to the target phone is required only at the installation stage, which takes less than 5 minutes. After that – the Process is fully automatic.

  1. How do I add more than one device to the control panel?

    You can add as many devices as you want from your Profile. However, please be informed that only one device can be connected to one specific plan.

  2. How do I start?

    To get started first of all you need to create an account on After registration Process you will get access to your personal control panel and Profile. To add a device to your control panel – simply follow the steps mentioned on the Profile page.

  3. How do I install it?

    The installation Process is simple and quick. Guidelines on how to install the application on iOS, Android and devices can be found here

  4. Is the Program connected to Cellular carrier or simply a Device? If the simcard is removed/switched on the target phone, will it still work?

    Program itself is attached to the Targeted device. It does not rely on the Cellular carrier or phone number. As long as the Program is installed on the phone – the data will appear on your control panel, disregarding the simcard or carrier.

  5. How and where do I view another person’s TXT messages / Phone calls?

    To view another person’s texts and phone calls – you must create an account and attach a device to the Profile first of all. After you have completed these steps – you can simply navigate through your control panel. It is the place where all the data is stored.

  6. Can I install it remotely?

    The physical access to the targeted device is mandatory, in order to install the application on the device you would like to spy on. The installation Process is simple and quick, less than 5 minutes!

  7. What is the price for Pro / Pro Plus plans?

    To review the prices and descriptions of Pro and Pro Plus plans – click on here

  8. If I upgrade do I pay the difference or get charged from scratch?

    If you have just purchased Pro plan and would like to upgrade to Pro Plus for the unlimited features – you will only pay the difference.

  9. How do I remove the phone from CP?

    The device will be removed automatically due to the inactivity within a month. Personal information is not available for any third parties.

  10. How do I delete Data (Text msgs/phone logs) on my CP?

    For the convenience, all the data is stored on your control panel. Privacy is kept and no one but you have the access to this kind of information.

  11. How do I remove the application on the target phone and cancel my account?

    Your account will be terminated automatically due to the inactivity within a month. As for the removal of the application – Proceed with this link. Guidelines on how to remove the app on iOS, Android you could find by contacting our support team.

  12. How do I update the app on the target phone?

    The app automatically updates on the iOS. As for the Android – contact our support team to find the guidelines.

  13. Do I have to update the app manually or it does automatically over the air?

    The application automatically updates on the iOS. If you are using Android devices – you will have to update it manually. It will take less than 3 minutes!

  14. Do I install it on My phone or on the phone I will be spying on?

    You do not have to install it on your phone. Install the application on the device you are willing to spy on.

  15. How do I cancel automatic billing?

    Automatic billing can be canceled by your request. Come in chat, create a ticket or simply send us an email to support (at) and we will cancel it for you.

  16. What payment methods are accepted?
    • Visa/Mastercard
    • Bank/Wire Transfer
    • American Express
    • Discover/Novus
    • Diners Club
    • Fax
    • JCB
  17. Is there a limit per day? What do I do if I have reached my limit on Pro plan?

    There is no limit per day. You might reach it in a day or in month, it is only up to you. If you have reached the limit on your Pro plan – In order to receive information you will have to obtain the Pro plan subscription once again or upgrade to the unlimited Pro Plus plan.

  18. How long does it take after the payment Procedure to upgrade my account?

    After the payment Procedure it takes less than 5 minutes to upgrade your account completely.

  19. Does it have any notifications, icons? IS it detectable?

    The application itself does not have any kind of notifications, icons, sounds, badges. Furthermore, the application is undetectable for Anti-spying software.

  20. How do I block incoming calls?

    In order to block the incoming calls from a specific phone number – you need to add it to Black list under the phone settings tab. Whenever this phone number tries to contact the targeted device – the app will automatically block it and the caller will hear only busy tones. No notifications on the targeted device. Success!

  21. Do I have to jailbreak the iOS to install the app?

    Jailbreak is required on all iOS devices in order to install the Topspyapp.

  22. Does the target phone have to be rooted in order to install the app?

    It is not obligatory to root the device in order to install the application. However, to get all the features such as (Viber, Skype, WhatsApp tracking) – you will need to root the device.

  23. In what cases does it require the internet?

    The internet is required on the target device in order to work. EDGE/3G connectivity will work just fine in order to transfer all the data but Media. To get Recordings, Pictures – Wi-Fi is mandatory.

  24. How often will the target phone need an update?

    The updates are not scheduled. The Developers are doing their best to imProve the services, fix bugs and come out with new features, therefore, updates are possible.

  25. How Do I view browser History?

    You can check the Browser History just by clicking on “View Browser History” tab from the control panel.

  26. How do I contact you to get TopSpyApp help if needed?

    In case you need any assistance or have any questions – you can contact us in online Chat, Send an email to support (at) or simply create a ticket from your account. We will gladly assist you!

  27. Is it possible to get a refund in case the app is not meeting my expectations?

    Please, Proceed with this link to get acquainted with our money-back policy:

  28. What devices does this app support?

    Our app can be installed on different devices starting from iOS and Android smartphones. Please, check this link to see the compatible devices:

  29. How can I find out if I have reached the plan on my Pro plan?

    If you have subscribed for Pro plan – be informed that it is limited. If you notice that the data stopped to update on your CP after a while – that might mean that you have reached the limit. Contact support to double check this information.

  30. How to start tracking BBM?

    Open up BBM on target phone. You need to tap on the icon with symbol. Choose options. Find “Save Chat History” option and choose Device. Agree with everything once it asks about saving the settings.

  31. Can I switch my plan to other device?

    You are not allowed to switch your plan to other device. One plan per one device.

  32. Can I add another phone to Lite plan?

    Only one target device can be connected to the Lite plan.

  33. Uninstall on iOS

    Go to Cydia -> manage-> Sources-> Click on’s Repo)-> Updated-> Modify -> Uninstall -> uninstall will happen – respring -> Go to the Cydia once again -> manage -> Sources-> edit->click on “remove” Next to the Developer’s Repo. Success!

  34. Android Update

    1. On the target phone open up Web Browser and proceed to: The app will start to download automatically.

    2. When its downloaded – open up notification panel (by dragging with your finger from the top of the screen) and click on the downloaded .apk file

    3. Agree with everything that pops up on the screen and click on Install

    4 .The app was successfully updated, click Done.