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Every parent always wants only the best for his or her child. This is even more so when it comes to protecting kids in our Digital Age – today, up to 80% children in the USA use smartphones. Hence, moms and dads cannot be too cautious trying to protect their little ones from online dangers.

When going online, teenagers face with different problems. Cyberbullying has become a widespread phenomenon inherent to social networks and smartphones. In most cases this problem cannot be solved by kids on their own.

Another thing that also needs your attention is a so-called “clique” of your child in order to monitor all the possible negative influence on the child. With whom, how much time and about what your little daughter or son communicates while spending time on the Web.

Let’s only be tolerant and respect your kids’ privacy. Of course, the best variant is when they tell you everything themselves, but at this age, they tend to avoid parents’ control and be more independent. And while your lovely baby is smiling to you pretending that everything is okay during breakfast, actually there might be numerous issues in his or her life, which need your consultation or intervention.

The accurate control can be achieved in many ways. There are some of them:

monitor kids online activity

  • The simplest but still the most “dangerous” one is to take a mobile phone while your child doesn’t see it. You can spy texts, but at the same time, you risk to be seen and the kid will never believe you again. Also, the modern phones are equipped with the different passwords, and you might not be able even to have a chance to unblock it.
  • There is a possibility to send all incoming messages from the target phone to your device – so you’ll keep track of all texting activity of the young user. But this function is also rarely built-in.
  • Mobile providers sometimes give the other option – they give parents a legitimate opportunity to monitor their children via different reports about the teenager’s cyber life.
  • You can also install on kid’s smartphone a mobile application that will synchronize all the sent and received messages with your mailbox. In other words, it is spying on text messages making their backup to your inbox.
  • You can also add a keylogger application to the kid’s device, which is a text message spy. It monitors and logs every button your child presses; often keylogger runs in a hidden mode, and a person is unaware that he or she is under control.
  • There is a great variety of parental monitoring applications that allow parents to utilize lots of functions, far more than a typical spy texts app They are gaining a greater popularity because they gather information about the child’s writing activity, posts in the social media, websites he or she visited as well as GPS location and routes history. They are more embedded in the teenagers’ life because they can send you alerts if the kid did something forbidden, went to the place he’s not supposed to go to, came somewhere later than he should have, or installed an inappropriate media. Besides text message spying, applications monitor the speed of the vehicle that your kid is driving or just is in. Some parental apps even have a function to disable all activity on the target phone leaving only the opportunity to call mom or dad.

Of course, you may say that your parents didn’t have such high technologies, and you became a brilliant, healthy individual; or that spying text messages may limit personal freedom. However, the new reality of life means new challenges. Children cannot be left alone in the digital world because it can surely ruin their present and future. So, it’s not a time for blind trust, as it is easier to prevent hardships than cope with their results.

By: Tiffany Trepanier