Top 5 new gadgets for women

Everything changes, so do we.

We live in a truly amazing world. With the advanced development of new technologies, our lifestyle is changing drastically. For example: It is hard to believe that the cell phone era has changed significantly over the past 5 years. Moreover, it is hard to believe that the mobile phones we “used to know” come from the 1990s. It makes me feel old when you realize that the time goes so fast with the lighting speed.

Can you imagine your average day without texting, calls, social networking and other cool features that the mobile phones provide us? As for me, I can but it will feel abnormal, we’ve got so used to them, so attached and there are a lot of weighty arguments:

  1. It is easy to communicate with your friends all around the world. No more boundaries with Skype of Facebook or any other social networking service!
  2. Tiny yet so powerful device!
  3. User friendly and always there when you need it!
  4. They are on the same track as new technologies, always improved and updated.


Top New gadgets for women

When it comes to the women – everything gets different. It is true when they say that women are the “beautiful part” of the humanity, moreover, some people argue that they are not as smart as men, however, this topic is still debatable. Therefore, when we talk about gadgets that women cannot imagine their life without them – the first thing to come up on the mind is cell phone. Indeed, according to the scientists women are more talkative than men: 13,000 words per day which is a lot! As a result – they are eager to getting and sharing the information via new technologies, however, the developers often neglect their needs and focus mainly on men’s needs.

There were a lot of new cool gadgets designed specifically for the “beautiful part” of the society, which unites high functionality and looks great, fashionable. To continue the topic of cell phones – the most horrible thing that can occur during the average day is when your battery dies on you at the most inconvenient moment! The truth is, this is the most irritating fact about this wonderful gadget. From now on you can say “Good-bye!” to this with Everpurse.

Price ($190-$320) Evererpurse accessory

Besides putting and carrying your stuff in it – it comes with extra battery. In fact, there is a specific pocket where you plug your iPhone or Android in and magic happens! It is a handy thing that will help you at least double the battery life. Good thing about it is that it comes in the variety of colors. Don’t be dependent on your battery, forget about cords or whatsoever!

Moving onto the next cool gadget designed specifically for women. It is a carrying bag that will allow you to take all the tech-things you love with you on the move! Say hello to the Ogio Hampton’s Tote Bag.

Price ($70): Ogio Hampton’s Tote Bag

This bag has a lot of slots is designed specifically for carrying your laptop, Tablet, cell phones and accessories with other things that are vital during your regular day. And of course, the variety of colors is a must for women and you can pick up the best suitable color for yourself.

Scottevest company will continue the subject of feeling comfortable with lots of gadgets on you. This company provides jackets, hoodies, vests even dresses, that are specifically designed to take the most needed things with you.

Price: $50+ Scottevest Jacket

The jacket comes with 15 pockets which will be useful to take your Google Glass, or Iphone, Android device or even Tablet such as Ipad or Galaxy tab. A lot of people out there will find this jacket useful. Cool thing about it is that it comes in a variety of colors and designed specifically for men and women. You will not go wrong with this jacket!

Everyone knows that correctly chosen accessory makes you feel more confident in yourself, moreover, it can ease your life in some ways. Smart watches have been on agenda recently and some companies start to create a unique products. Martian Smart Watch

Price ($250-$300) Martian watches line

This product is made of the high-quality materials such as stainless steel case, leather strap. But the most useful thing about them is that besides looking classy, they are considered to be a technological product. They are connected with your smart phone, and take the hands-free communication to the new level. It will show you notifications such as emails, phone calls, texts. Moreover, it comes with the voice commands so you can make calls, reply to texts and so on!

The last but not least product in this article is Handycandy LadyBuds.

Price : $40 “The Betty”

Music is everywhere, this fact cannot be rejected. Sometimes all you want to do is to plug your headphones in and disconnect from the real world and listen to your favorite music. These headphones are high-quality handmade product and come in the variety of colors and forms. You can easily consolidate them around your neck and enjoy your music!

There are a lot of interesting products out there on the market, you just have to choose what meets your needs!

By: Tiffany Trepanier exclusively for TopSpy phone tracker

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