“Once you’ve lost your privacy, you realize you’ve lost an extremely valuable thing. ”

Billy Graham

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This news have been around us for couple of days already. More than 2 million log in details from such websites as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google and other Internet Giants.

The massive database collected by hackers comprises of info retrieved from more than 320,000 email accounts, 21,000 Twitter accounts, 318,000 Facebook accounts. A lot of Russian-language social networking services were under attack as well. Check full CBS News article on their website.

In the light of the following events it is important to be mindful and careful with your sensitive information that is stored online.

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How to Protect yourselves and loved ones online?

    • Create better/stronger passwords.They must be long (minimum of 8 characters), longer – better. Combine letters and numbers with different upper and lower case, vary them. For example: the password “paSscoDe1” is considered to be more effective than “passcode1”. Keep that in mind.
    • Use different passwords for different websites!
    • Install spy software on your loved ones cellphones to monitor their internet activities to make sure that there is no inappropriate activities going on. Check their browsing history, Bookmarks. Block certain websites from visiting if you are not sure in the validity/security of the webpage. Cell phone spy will be right there, protecting your kids and loved ones online security.

Finally, there are many tips on how to improve your security online. But generally try not to provide your sensitive information such as CC and ID on the websites you do not trust. Use different passwords for different places, change passwords (log in details) at least once in a couple of months! That would be helpful.

By:Tiffany Trepanier exclusively for Spy Software