Samsung’s 5G Will Boost Phone Spy App Transmission Of Data In Several Hundred Times

While many networks and manufacturers are still struggling to implement 4G technology, industry leaders Samsung Electronics have announced that they have already achieved some breakthroughs in 5G which will allow mobile data transmission several hundred times faster than the latest 4G technology.”

5G Breakthrough Offers Faster Data Transmission

Samsung say that 5G is scheduled to be available to both businesses and consumers by 2020. In a recent press release, a spokesperson from Samsung said, ‘Samsung’s latest innovation is expected to invigorate research into 5G cellular communications across the world. The company believes it will trigger the creation of international alliances and the timely commercialization of related mobile broadband services.

Previously, millimeter-wave bands have largely bee considered unsuitable for data transfer over long distances, but Samsung say that their breakthrough in adaptive array transceiver technology allows data transfer over millimeter-waves at speeds of up to 1.056 Gbps (gigabits per second) over distances of up to 2kilometers. Once perfected, 5G could allow users to stream HD video on the move.


How 5G Might Impact Mobile Phone Tracking

When using a phone spy app to monitor or secure data on a smartphone, the recorded information is usually transferred to a secure server so that the reports can be viewed as required at a convenient time. The data transfer is done automatically and might include call logs, sms messages, images and video. This means that there is potentially a fairly large amount of data being sent from the target cell phone to the secure server. The best mobile phone tracking apps are designed to deal with this, but they are still dependent on mobile networks when it comes to transferring the data collected.

If Samsung are successful in implementing a full scale 5G service as intended then it could make phone spy apps even better. The transfer process for large data including call recordings, images and video clips could be much smoother and more reliable thanks to the improved transfer speeds promised by 5G.

These larger files are often slow to transfer due to their size which can be frustrating in cases where tracking activities are time sensitive. For example, if employees are suspected of leaking confidential information, you will want to see instantly what has been shared so that you can take action. If you need to wait a few hours for the data to be sent to your server for review then it may be too late to stop the potential damage to your company.

The transfer of other data will also be positively affected as the improved speeds offered by 5G will make viewing messages and listening in on calls in real time much easier. While some phone spy apps already offer these services, they do often depend on the speed if the connection to ensure there is no lag. The same goes for real time tracking of GPS locations.

If Samsung succeed in their plans to implement 5G as early as 2020, then they will be revolutionizing the mobile communications industry. In terms of mobile tracking this would mean increasingly more powerful tools at our disposal. Without the restrictions of data transfer speed a phone spy app could potentially offer much more in terms of surveillance and tracking. The introduction of high speed data transfer capabilities would leave the door wide open for more real time monitoring tools and additional features which would make phone spy apps much more powerful.

Of course, it will be necessary for phone spy apps to evolve with the technology since 5G will present the opportunity to access more data including the ability to stream HD movies on the go, that means that parents will be calling for the tools to intercept these streams to ensure kids are not accessing inappropriate material.

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