“You could say that all novels are spy novels and all novelists are spy masters.”

Marc Andreessen

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It’s never a good thing to loose a phone or get it stolen. But chances to say “good-bye” to your device are much higher especially during holidays. Did you take the appropriate steps to secure your phone and personal information ?

Thankfully, you can set up everything for free and easily.

lock phone remotely

Set a passcode on your phone.

It might sound obvious but it is the easiest and simplest way to protect your sensitive information. Passcode will be a that shield to protect it. According to analysts 67% of all cell phone user do not bother with putting a passcode on their phones. And its a major mistake, because even a 4-digit password can drastically improve security situation of your device.

Use standard tools to remotely lock and wipe the phone.

If you notice that your phone is lost or stolen – it is a smart idea to remotely wipe all the content on the phone. Thankfully Apple and Google do offer such feature. Get the Apple’s Find my iPhone app from Appstore. It is a part of iCloud that lets you track the location of the device in real time, display messages on lock screen. Lock/Wipe phone remotely. As for the Android you can use the Android Device Manager to do pretty much the same stuff.

Install cell phone tracker on your phone.

To be 100% positive that there is a real chance to find/ get your stolen phone back – do consider installing cell phone tracking app on the device that you use. You will have real time GPS tracking as well as Network triangulation method to provide you with the precise information on the cell phone’s whereabouts in real time.

You can even use the SMS command to get exact GPS coordinates in a text message instantly. Even if theft changes simcard to use the phone for his/her needs – you can still track All the inbound SMS/calls from your phone. It will be useful to get your phone back!

Remotely lock the phone with the passcode you choose, IT can be simply digits + characters – or even drawing patterns. Remotely set the phone to factory reset mode! All of that makes up a good deal to protect your phone.

By: Tiffany Trepanier exclusively for Cell Phone tracker