How to protect kids from cyber bullying with the help of cell phone spy

“A new study suggests many parents and children have broken age restrictions set by social networking sites such as Facebook” Newschopper

Bullying is everywhere

Cyber-bullying is when people abuse each other – as a result get offended and provoked via Internet or other technology, this includes (cell phone texting, Social networking apps and so on). This has become very common among teenagers over the past couple of years.

The study which was held by McAfee and the Anti-Bullying Alliance, as a part of National Children’s Bureau program found out that mod of the children get online without parent’s being aware of that. As a result kids get exposed to unfiltered and sometimes dangerous content on the Web.

Here is some statistics:

  • Only 15% of parents sure about their kids’ protection online
  • 47% think that their children are bullied online
  • 44% think that their kid is a cyber-bully
  • 2/3 of children get online without any supervision
  • 39% of kids have social networking profiles even if they have not reached 13 years age

More than 50% of kids go online in their own room, 46% from game consoles like Xbox and Playstation, 66% – from cell phones. According to the Newschopper– A third of parents admit to not having had any conversation with their children about online safety.


With all these numbers it is obvious that you should keep an eye on your kids’ web activities. Nowadays almost all of the communication is done online, furthermore, it is done from cell phones. Therefore, a necessity of monitoring your kids’ cell phone activities arises.

By getting a cell phone spy you can track many things such as:

  • Phone calls with detailed timestamps, duration and caller id
  • Location in Real time 24/7!
  • All incoming and outgoing text messages
  • Social Networking chats such As Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype/li>
  • Record calls and schedule environmental recordings, make sure your kids are where they should be!

By monitoring kids’ phones – you get the complete peace of mind.

By: Tiffany Trepanier exclusively for TopSpy Mobile Phone Spyware

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