“And I’m not spying! I’m evaluating!” “It’s the same difference!”

Kim Harrison

TopSpy review


Spying became more accessible than ever.

What are the main responsibilities in our life? Nearly everyone has ever asked this question himself. The true responsibility lies within the simple truth: respect and care the ones around you and you will get paid back with the same gratitude. The future comes, changes everything so drastically, that it is hard to keep the track of time and changes. The World we live in is full of dangers and surprises, therefore, we must be especially attentive and careful. Moreover, we live in the times were personal information and security is being questioned and put at risk.

The people you care about might become the subject of harassment when it is unexpected. Internet stalkers phenomenon became a frequent one. Therefore, it is vital to be aware of the information coming from your kids’ electronic devices. It is much better to prevent a wrongdoing rather than facing the consequences afterwards.

There are a lot of companies out there offering the cell phone spy software, but the truth is – a lot of them have the product which lacks functionality, moreover, you don’t get what you’ve paid for. With the TopSpy products line – you will not go wrong. They offer spying on Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices which is pretty handy nowadays, due to the simple fact that these devices are the majority of cell phones on the market. With the help of such features as phone/texts spying, GPS Tracking, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Email tracking you will not go wrong and will be aware of everything your beloved ones are going trough to protect first of all!

Top 3 new cell phones perfect for spying.

Cell phone industry is one of the most growing industries nowadays. The market is leaded by such companies as Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony and others. According to the latest releases the list of the most suitable devices for spying and to spy on will be comprised of the following phones:

  1. HTC One
  2. iPhone 5
  3. Samsung Galaxy SIV Zoom

To start off with HTC ONE we can’t but mention the fact the facts that make this phone to stand out: 4.7 inch screen (1900 by 1080) resolution, 2 GB of Ram and a quad-core processor. Moreover, it looks fresh like anything out there from Android devices. This device is more than suitable for spying. With the latest quad-core processor and ultra fast connectivity the TopSpy app will work even smoother and twice as fast with transferring the data to your Control Panel. If you consider spying from this device – the 4.7 high-resolution screen kicks in. Good device and you get what you pay for it!

smartphone comparison

HTC One (Photo by HTC)

Apple has undergone the series of changes starting from the beginning of the 21st century. With releasing the iPod with iTunes – music industry has been taken to the whole new level: from being at the point of extinction to prosperity. Wise marketing and pricing shuffled with easy to use and high-tech software/hardware made the right move. The iPhone is another marvelous device that became a flagman for any other further devices from 2007. Each year the fruit company updated and improved its product. iPhone 5 is a breakthrough in their product line.

This device is perfect for spying. The TopSpy app is optimized to work with it due to the following facts: Fast A6 processor, Retina 4” display and ultrafast 4G LTE speeds, on which the GPS Location gets even more precise with the Triangulation determination method. Battery life is not affected anyhow when the app is running undetectable in the background!

iPhone 5 White edition

The last but not least cell phone in this list is the newly released Samsung Galaxy S IV Zoom. For some people it is even hard to call it a cell phone due to the huge 16-megapixel camera. This device runs the latest Android OS and has all the benefits the older SGIV brother has. Imagine what interesting info you can get out of it with the phone that runs a 16-megapixel camera with xenon flash and zoom ring!

Samsung Galaxy SIV Zoom

The list can be almost infinite with all the devices being released daily. However, these have caught my attention the most and they are the most discussed devices out there in the media!

By: Tiffany Trepanier exclusively for TopSpy spy software