“Last week, Amazon revealed the latest addition to their services aimed at mobile app developers in the form of App Engagement Reports. This is the latest addition to Amazon’s existing Mobile App Distribution Portal and the engagement reports are intended to offer developers important data concerning both performance and revenue. This is a very exciting development for all mobile app developers, so let’s take a closer look.”

What Is It All About?

Amazon’s new engagement reports will provide developers with detailed daily and monthly data concerning the following areas:

  • number of active devices
  • number of installs
  • number of sessions
  • average revenue per device
  • retention metrics

All of this information can be sorted by a number of different variables and can be displayed either in the form of a chart or as CSV data. It will also be possible for developers to widen the range of the data, allowing them to analyze historical data. There are six different engagement reports available :

  • Overview – offering an overall summary of important usage data.
  • Average Revenue – providing both daily and monthly average revenues per device as well as details of average
  • revenue per paid user for in-app sales.
  • Retention – provides developers with retention data on both a daily and weekly basis.
  • Active Devices – charts the number of daily and monthly active users and offers comparisons between the two.
  • Sessions – records the total number of daily sessions and the average number of sessions per device.
  • App Installs – reports the number of installs and uninstalls on a daily basis

Why Is This Good News For App Developers?


Amazon’s announcement is a pretty big deal for app developers as it now gives them the tracking data required to monitor the success of their apps on this marketplace which will encourage more developers to produce apps for Amazon’s Android Appstore. This gives developers a new sales platform aside from Google Play. There is no need for developers to make changes to their apps in order to take advantage of these new features, and they are available free of charge for any apps which have been published since October 25, 2012. Developers are now able to use the Amazon Appstore to facilitate distribution to almost 200 countries across the globe via online and mobile stores in the USA and Europe. It is possible to publish the apps worldwide, or restrict them to certain territories with pricing set for each area. Sales reports can be filtered by country. Amazon has an estimated 121 million customers worldwide, so this is a huge opportunity for app developers to sell their products.

What Does This Mean For Topspy?

With all of this in mind, we are delighted to announce that we will shortly be adding Topspy’s spy software to Amazon, making it easier than ever before to harness the powerful tools offered by our app. With fantastic features including call recording, SMS monitoring, GPS Location tracking and much more, Topspy offers you the opportunity to uncover the information you need to protect your business or your family with ease. With the added information provided by Amazon’s new engagement reports, we will have access to useful data which will help us to improve our tools to meet customer needs. We will be in a better position to pinpoint certain issues that could be affecting performance and address them very quickly in order to make sure that Topspy continues to offer fantastic value for money. Engagement Reports are the latest in a long line of new features concerning apps and together they are helping to cement Amazon as a viable distribution choice for mobile apps. Here at Topspy we are pretty excited to be a part of that!

Tiffany Trepanier


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