There is a massive amount of buzz surrounding the upcoming release of Apple’s new iOS7 mobile operating system which promises to offer up the biggest changes since the iPhone was first released. The latest incarnation of the iOS operating system was unveiled at the Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco earlier this month.


Top Ten New Features

Let’s take a look at the top 10 changes that will feature in iOS7.

  1. The home screen on this latest version of iOS will feature a 3D effect. Twisting the phone will move the icons around the screen in relation to the wallpaper image.
  2. There will be easier access to the Control Center via a simple swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  3. There will be multi-tasking for all apps on iOS7 which well have the ability to learn from your habits and update those apps used most frequently first.
  4. Easy device to device content sharing will be available with AirDrop.
  5. Changes to the appearance of multiple tabs on Safari making it very much like navigating through albums on iTunes.
  6. Organization of iOS7 photos by moment to help group your memories together for easy viewing.
  7. The Siri voice assistant will perform searches using Microsoft’s Bing search engine as its default.
  8. The infamous red bubbles are no more as there will be automatic updating of all apps.
  9. A major theft deterrent has been introduced in the form of an activation lock which will only allow iPhones to be unlocked if the iCloud password is also known.
  10. The new iTunes Radio music streaming service will be included with iOS7 offering ad supported music and ad-free subscription services which will provide automatic music based on iTunes Match services.

Updating To A Simpler & Cleaner Design

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has hailed iOS7 as ‘the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.’ The redesign aims to be simpler and cleaner with an all new color scheme and an optimized type face to make things easier to read on the screen.’ The new changes are all about making things easier with improved access to many important features and better organization of files and contacts. The iOS7 updates are largely being credited to Apple designer Jony Ive who released a video in which he states that, ‘we are defining an important new direction, and in many ways, a new beginning.’

Other New Apple Revelations

Of course iOS7 was not the only announcement at WWDC 2013, Apple also revealed a number of other new or updated products including a sneak peak at the latest Mac Pro; full integration of iWork for iCloud; and perhaps the most anticipated announcement was the confirmation of iRadio. The new music streaming service will be release in the US initially, but other countries will soon follow. The new service is similar to Spotify and looks set to take the music world by storm! Mike Williamson, head of radio at global media agency Carat said, ‘iRadio will not only compete with the likes of Spotify, but also to an extent the UK radio industry. For advertisers this will create a disruption in the radio market. Apple will need to ensure that its advertising model is suitable for the current market and that it can effectively compete with Spotify and Google, both of which have strong footholds in the market.’

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