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It is hard and sometimes impossible to be around your kids all the time, especially with all the threats being added by the Internet. However, there is a way out!

TopSpy can help you protect your family and even business! Our undetectable cell phone spy software grants you the answers you are looking for. It is the most reliable phone spy service.

  • Spy on call and text logs
  • Track location 24/7!
  • Check social networks and email!
  • Use the mic as your weapon!
How can TopSpy Phone spy help you find the truth?

Hands down, TopSpy is the top spy mobile software to spy on the phone which allows to monitor all the activities of any Android, iPhone, device cell phones remotely. This Phone spy is very powerful but easy to install and use, with the Installation process of this spy software in less than 5 minutes! All the spying data that comes directly from the target device is stored on your Control Panel. You can simply navigate through the different tabs and find the information you are looking for: whether it is Location, Texts, phone calls or Skype messages. All the data is displayed in chronological order for your convenience.

IMPORTANT:In order to install the spy software physical access is required! The iPhone must be jailbroken. Besides this if you are willing to use extra features like Facebook, Skype tracking – you have to root the Android device prior to the installing our undetectable cell phone spy!


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“I find the spy software from TopSpy to be very useful. I can easily check if my workers really do what they are supposed to during weekdays.”
Goodwin Fulton,Chief Executive
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“I love my daughter more than anything in the world, that is why I try to protect her at distance, by using the phone spy from TopSpy!”
Deanne Rona,Caring Mom
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24/7 remote access

100% undetectable

What features do you get with TopSpy spy software?

We provide you with the most impressive spying techniques and feature with our best mobile spyware. You can easily adjust all the settings and features up to you, starting from simple tasks like checking texts and phone calls with GPS location and finishing up with Facebook tracking. This is the best mobile spy software that will meet your spying needs and get you all the answers you should know! To sum up everything, this spy software is totally undetectable! You will find some of the cool features down below.

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Get all the possible Messages in a split second!

After installing the phone spy from TopSpy you automatically begin to receive all the messages from the target phone. Get even the deleted texts! Absolutely undetectable.

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Follow up the targeted phone’s location!

TopSpy is the best undetectable cell phone spy software provides you with the opportunity to spy on the targeted phone’s location even if the GPS sensors are turned off! Thanks to the Network Triangulation method. Works like a charm!

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100% сonfidential

Get The answers you are looking for in 3 simple steps
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Sign-Up Now

Choose the subscription plan to spy mobile that will meet your spying needs. Type in the registration email and billing info. After the transaction goes through your spying experience starts immediately!

Set Up Account

Add the device you would like to spy on from your Profile and follow the guidelines on how to install the phone spy. After doing so the texts will start to reflect on your Control Panel.

Download And Install

The physical access is a must during the installation process of undetectable cell phone spyware, which is less than 5 minutes. When it’s done there will be no signs of application: no badges, notifications, sounds and the app will work in the stealth mode.

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