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NSA tracks Americans’ Location
October 3, 2013 - Posted by to Cell Phone Spying | IT
“The NSA routinely lies in response to congressional inquiries about the scope of surveillance in America.” Edward Snowden

Big Brother is watching You

On Wednesday The Director of NSA (National Security Agency) informed the Congress that the program was created back in 2010 to track location of average Americans, which was intended for “testing purposes”, according to him. It would work by analyzing the signals coming out from people’s mobile phones. According to Keith Alexander (the head of NSA) this pilot test was concluded back in 2011. IT was created and aimed to capture Location data to be analyzed and checked for reconciliation with the intel that has been gathered previously by the NSA agency’s dragnet.


“In 2010 and 2011, NSA received samples in order to test the ability of its systems to handle the data format, but that data was not used for any other purposes and was never available for intelligence analysis purposes,” This is what Alexander Keith reported at the Senate Judiciary Committee (that was held on Wednesday).

It means that National Security Agency has been spying on American’s location for the past 3 years, For what purpose would they do so? Senator Ted Cruz asked Alexander if it is possible that agency will be tracking American’s location on a regular basis as an inevitable part of Future investigations against terrorism, in response to it Alexander stated that NSA is willing to do anything to make sure everyone’s safety and that Agency would not mind to revise the ability to monitor location of every single mobile phone in America. “This may be something that may be a future requirement for the country, but it is not right now,” he added. former-us-official-the-nsa-thinks-edward-snowden-copied-almost-everything-that-place-does

How does it work? Even when the cell phone is deactivated the processor is still active and contacts Cell tower every 10-15 minutes to check for SMS, therefore, if NSA tries to pursue this mass tracking – nothing will stop them, neither the removal of battery will be of any help.

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The fact that agencies were spying on regular people is a but disturbing. It led to some quarrels between members of the Congress. “The NSA’s attempt to collect this data shows the need for stronger legislative oversight of the agency’s activities, but the fact is that federal, state and local law enforcement are already regularly collecting cellphone location information without a warrant.”

By: Tiffany Trepanier exclusively for TopSpy Spyware