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Reveal the truth by monitoring calls,texts, real time location!

Is your trust being questioned by employees? Do your kids consider you to be overprotective?

We have the answers you are looking for! TopSpy is the most reliable Android spy app created specifically for the purpose of revealing the hidden truth! No worries, we have a solution!

  • Get Texts and Call logs
  • Set up call recordings
  • Track Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp
  • Track Location in Real time!
How can TopSpy Android Spy software keep you posted?

TopSpy is the leading Android spy software created specifically for monitoring the activities of any Android cell phone you own or have authorization to monitor. It provides the most needed spying features for your service with the minimum actions required during the installation. All the spying data received from the device is located on your Control Panel. You can easily navigate through features tabs and check for new updates. The information is sorted and displayed in chronological order automatically.


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“TopSpy app works perfect with my employees’ Android corporate phones. I do not have to worry about productivity drop at weekdays”
Quinten Cornell,Sales Manager
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“This app helped to get through the son's treatment for drug addiction. Thank you.”
Angel R. Spooner,Wife
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What features does TopSpy have to offer?

TopSpy is the most advanced Android spy app, supported by any Android device, with the noteworthy list of features that no other spy apps for Android offer. The spying experience that TopSpy has to offer is based on the stealth mode of the application itself, and also its great pack of features that no others in the niche can provide it's, so easy, so useful. You can find some of the most prominent spying features supported by TopSpy Android spyware below.

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Use all the Mic’s capabilities with TopSpy!

After installing the android spyware from TopSpy you can schedule the recording of the environment and record the inbound/outbound calls from the specific number

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Messages are no longer private

Check all the sent/received texts as well as get logs from Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and even Facebook! All the texts are at your fingertips right on your control panel!

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Be the first to find out the location

TopSpy Android spy monitors the target phone’s location 24/7 even if the GPS is turned off, thanks to the alternative tracking method directly connected with the cellular data.

100% undetecteble
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100% сonfidential

Find out The answers you are looking for in 3 simple steps
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Buy your subscription
see available plans

Choose the subscription plan for the Android cell phone you would like to track. On the checkout page make sure you enter valid CC and ID information to proceed with the payment. Privacy and secure payment transaction is 100% guaranteed. Once the payment is done you will receive a welcome letter from TopSpy as well an invoice.

Install the App
physical access to the target device is required

Log in to your Control Panel on TopSpy to access the Android installation step-by-step manual. Install the app on the phone you would like to monitor. You need to get ahold of the phone only once! The installation process will take less than 5 minutes. In case help is needed, contact our friendly customer care center.

Reveal the Truth
view real-time data in your Control Panel

Start receiving constant updates from the target phone immediately after installation is done! Get phone call logs as well as texts, track location in real time, access contacts, calendar events, check browsing history and control applications installed on the phone. Record incoming and outgoing calls and take advantage of the many other features included in your package!

IMPORTANT:For TopSpy Android spyware installation purposes, physical access is required. To view information from Google Chrome, IM activity, or emails, the device must be rooted.

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